An Introduction To Mohs Surgery

If you have skin cancer, then your doctor might have told you a bit about Mohs surgery. However, you might not be too sure about how it works or why it's a good choice. To help ease your mind a bit, here is an introduction to the subject: How does Mohs surgery work? When Mohs surgery is performed, your doctor will basically cut very thin layers from the site of your skin cancer. [Read More]

Permanent Hair Removal Made Easy: The Best Option For You Based On Your Skin Tone And Hair Color

If you are finally getting tired of waxing or shaving that annoying extra hair, then professional hair removal is a great investment that can help you become hair-free in little time. If you are overwhelmed by hair-removal options, then the good news is that the best method for you can be easily determined just by considering your skin tone and the color of the hair you want removed (not the color of the hair on your head). [Read More]

Protecting Your Skin And Preventing Skin Cancer In The Winter

Many people tend to be vigilant about their skin care and protection during the spring and summer months but get more lax and nonchalant in the fall and winter. However, when it comes to protecting your skin and preventing skin cancer, the process occurs all year, not just when it is warm out and you have more skin exposed. So before you head out to enjoy your winter days out on the slopes or sledding and having snowball fights in the park, get to know more about protecting your skin and preventing skin cancer this winter and take the best care of your skin as possible. [Read More]