Permanent Hair Removal Made Easy: The Best Option For You Based On Your Skin Tone And Hair Color

If you are finally getting tired of waxing or shaving that annoying extra hair, then professional hair removal is a great investment that can help you become hair-free in little time. If you are overwhelmed by hair-removal options, then the good news is that the best method for you can be easily determined just by considering your skin tone and the color of the hair you want removed (not the color of the hair on your head). Read on to find out what the best option is for you, and your only task will then be choosing your dermatologist or other hair-removal expert. 

If You Have Light Skin and Brown or Black Hair...

Congratulations, you are the perfect candidate for classic laser hair removal. Why? The laser used to perform this type of hair removal produces a wave-length of light that is attracted to melanin. Since you have little melanin in your skin and a lot in your darker hair, it can easily focus all of its hair-removing energy on your hair follicles. While you may currently wish you had lighter, less noticeable hair on your body, your dark hair is now a great asset, because you will get the best results with a classic laser. 

If You Have Tan or Dark Skin and Brown or Black Hair...

If you have darker skin, you weren't a good candidate for laser hair removal in the past, but the great news is that you now are. The classic hair-removal laser that targets melanin was not effective on tan or dark skin, because since the laser waves were attracted to melanin, it was not advised for darker-skinned people due to the laser being attracted to your skin along with your hair, which created the potential for burns.

The technology in hair-removal lasers has progressed in just the last couple of years, and the perfect laser for you has been created. A Yag laser with radio-frequency will work well with your darker skin and hair. First, a Yag laser produces longer wavelengths of light, and these longer wavelengths will not burn your skin like the traditional, shorter ones could. Also, a laser with an additional radio-frequency (RF) option does not target melanin at all. Instead, it directly targets the hair follicle and destroys it. 

A great bonus with radio-frequency hair removal is that the device not only removes hair, but it also stimulates your skin to produce collagen. This can lead to the area treated being not only hair-free, but also tighter and younger-looking after the hair-removal process is performed. 

If You Have Any Skin Tone and Blonde or Red Hair...

Don't worry if you have hair that lacks dark melanin that does not make you a good candidate for laser hair removal, because you are the best candidate for electrolysis. Electrolysis works in a different way than laser hair removal does. When a dermatologist performs electrolysis, they first insert a very tiny needle into the follicle of each individual unwanted hair. A very mild electrical current is then used to destroy each follicle, leaving you with follicle that will no longer grow hair. 

If you are overwhelmed by all of the permanent hair removal options, then realize that your skin tone and hair color make narrowing down your choices very easy. Every process involves more than one session, so if you get started soon, then you can be hair-free by swimsuit season.