Dermaplaning: What Is It And Should You Have This Procedure Done?

Dermaplaning is a very popular cosmetic procedure that involves a sharp scalpel and the steady hand of a cosmetic dermatologist. It is not a procedure that should ever be done at home by yourself, and should only ever be left to a professional. Dermaplaning can give you soft, beautiful skin, so if this is what you're looking for, dermaplaning may be for you. Read on for further information about dermaplaning. [Read More]

How To Improve Your Freckles With Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Some women are not fond of having freckles. They often try to cover them up with makeup. People with light skin and eyes do not have enough melanocytes in their skin. Melanocytes create cells that make melanin. Melanin causes a dark color to occur in your skin, eyes and hair. It is also responsible for your skin tanning when exposed to light. You develop freckles from not tanning evenly because of not having enough melanin in your skin. [Read More]

Your Dry Skin Irritation? Could It Be Something Serious?

If your skin is always dry and itchy and you feel it's always peeling and flaking, it's time to see a skin care professional. A dermatologist can look at the skin to determine what the problem is, why it's so dry, and what the best solution is to treat the problem. Your body and overall health has a lot to do with how your skin looks and feels, so the problem could be internal and not external. [Read More]

Don't Suffer With Dry Skin: Easy-To-Remedy Potential Causes

Unexplained dry skin can be frustrating and painful. Cracks and flakes do not lend a professional appearance to your hands, face, or other body parts, and you could have limited mobility in the affected area (e.g., the knuckles of your hands) because moving stretches and hurts the dry skin too much. But there could be some very easy-to-fix problems behind the dry skin. Vitamin Deficiencies It's easy to end up deficient in a vitamin or two even if you try to eat a healthy diet. [Read More]