Shingles: What Are They And Why Do You Have Them?

Shingles are caused by a viral infection that can be found in the body, lying dormant, only to make its appearance one day. This virus usually affects those that have had chickenpox in the past. It appears as a rash, but it can be felt inside the body, as it affects the nerves in the body. It can feel like your skin is in terrible pain, but it's on the inside of the body, more than the outside. This can make moving or just doing nothing at all very painful. This virus can affect anyone young or old, but it usually affects those in their older years. Read on for some further information about shingles to help you better understand this virus.

What Are Shingles?

Shingles are a virus that appears as a rash, but it only ever presents on one side of the body: the left or the right side. It can be present on either the back or the front, or both, and it can also be on the face as well. If the disease gets too close to the eye, it can lead to vision problems that may be permanent. Shingles are very painful for some, and for others may not be that painful at all. This virus can be treated by your physician or dermatologist with antibiotics, anti-itch ointment, and with over-the-counter pain medication. Just because you've had shingles once doesn't mean you may not get it again later. 

Why Do You Have Shingles?

Again, shingles can live in the body and lie dormant, if you've had chickenpox in the past. If you have shingles, it may have come about due to hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, or it could occur during menopause. You may also get shingles when you are extremely stressed out. If you are under a tremendous amount of stress, your immunity may be down and it could cause the virus to come out from being dormant. When you have lower immunity, this virus can present itself, and depending on how low your immunity is, may cause your shingles to be more painful for you.

If you think you may have shingles, you should get to the dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and for treatment. Don't try to deal with this pain on your own; you need to be treated in order to heal faster from this virus. Talk to your dermatologist about getting vaccinated for shingles to prevent getting it again in your lifetime. Shingles can be very painful, be sure to get in for treatment.

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