Your Dry Skin Irritation? Could It Be Something Serious?

If your skin is always dry and itchy and you feel it's always peeling and flaking, it's time to see a skin care professional. A dermatologist can look at the skin to determine what the problem is, why it's so dry, and what the best solution is to treat the problem. Your body and overall health has a lot to do with how your skin looks and feels, so the problem could be internal and not external. Here are a few culprits that could be causing the dryness.


If you have a fungus on the skin tissues, this could be causing white dry patches, skin discoloration, dryness, and flaking. The fungus may need to be treated with a topical cream that is applied once or several times a day, depending on how severe the condition is. The dermatologist may have to take a sample of the affected areas to see what's wrong. A fungus in one area of the body can spread quickly, especially if it's on an area you touch a lot.

Hormonal Problem

A hormonal imbalance can cause the skin to be dry, especially if the glands in the body aren't secreting protective oils that keep the skin moist. To check to see if you're having a hormonal issue the dermatologist may order to have some blood work done and will ask other questions that can help point to a hormonal imbalance.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin that is irritated by lotions, laundry soap, and even the sun, the sensitivity could be causing the dryness. Switching products at home may be a solution, or you may need to use special medication lotions and things that go on the skin. This is a problem for many, but can be changed if you are diligent about watching what you put on or near your skin.

The dermatologist will go over the basic causes of skin dryness with you, like washing too much or over-exposure to the sun, but if you know these aren't the problems, it will be easy for them to cross those causes of the list. Make sure to make a list of the different products you use to wash your face, what you wear for makeup if it applies, and what laundry detergent you use before you go to the appointment, so you can give the skin expert all the details and you are prepared for the appointment. 

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